- Jamming for all 

- Youth jam room, and Slow/beginner jam room

- 45 min show by local bluegrass band

- Specials Events: Instrument and Vocal workshops lead by respected professionals

- Snacks, fellowship and a Great Time

Our goals

Monthly meetings


Thank you to our sponsors & Supporters

To preserve, and promote the bluegrass and traditional music of the Ozarks through education and exposure, so as to maximize the understanding and appreciation of the music form. 

- Promote area Bluegrass/Acoustic music events

- Hold monthly jams & meeting

- Foster a Bluegrass in the Schools Program

- Create a Scholarship Fund

- Organize an annual GOBS Festival

Greater Ozarks Bluegrass Society


Next Meeting/Jam Fri. Sept 13th‚Äč

Live show by The Chapmans

Join us for a night of jamming.

We will start up at 7:00 p.m. and go until 10:00 p.m. Hope you can join us.